Protecting networks from rain, snow & ice for over 36 years

W.B. Walton Enterprises, Inc. also known as Walton De-Ice has now been in the business of removing rain, snow and ice from satellite earth station antennas ranging in size from 0.6 meters to 32 meter antennas for 33 years. For antennas from 0.6 meters to 6.3 meters, Walton uses a PTFE (Sefar®) or Tedlar® Snow Shield Covers stretched over the front of the antenna reflector to shed any ice or snow from the front of the antenna reflector. Electric or Gas Heaters can also be added to the Snow Shield Cover to enhance the reliability of the performance of your antenna along with the Walton Ice Quake System which vibrates to remove ice and snow from the Snow Shield Cover and consumes very little power to achieve this. Walton now also uses the Rain Quake System (same as the Ice Quake System) to vibrate water from the cover to reduce rain fade on all Ka Band antennas so that water will not sheet on the reflective surface of the antenna or Snow Shield Cover that would normally cause a reduction in signal gain. Both the Rain and Ice Quake System only require as little as 35 watts of power for a 0.6 meter antenna up to 250 watts of power for a 6.3 meter antenna.

To see Ice Quake in live action please follow this link

For larger antennas, Walton De-Ice creates a plenum (close-out) behind the antenna reflector and using either Stainless Steel Electric Heaters or Gas Heating Units (LP or natural gas) heats the plenum which allows the heat to de-ice the antenna reflector along with the feed horn and subreflector assemblies.

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